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SL2 - 1/6/20

All righty then! I hope you all had a refreshing and relaxing break, with lots of time with friends, family, or whatever fills your spirit. We head into the home stretch now, with a few applications of derivatives, then a look at integration, random variables and before your know it - we're done! There are a lot of new ideas, synthesizing old ones so were also reviewing and reinforcing all that we have done so far. As such, I am assigning some QB problems over the next few weeks that review derivatives. It's important to do those in order to improve your proficiency and fully grasp the connections that are on the horizon. See you in class,
Mr. Alei

Standard Level Math Year 2: Week of 1/6/19        (Previous Week - 12/9/19)

Mon 1/6:
Test Corrections (Due Monday, 1/13)
17A.1: #2-4 (Kinematics)
17A.2: #6,7,9 (Velocity & Acceleration)
Video Support: MathDoctorBob: Motion on a line
Wed 1/8:
17B: #1-16 by 3 (Rates of change)
QB #3,4,12
Fri 1/10:
17C: #2-20 by 3 (Optimization)
QB #19,35abc
QB Review: 5,12,20

Coming up next week:
Wed 1/15: Quiz on Ch 17 - Applications of Derivatives

IB Questionbanks, Class Notes, and other support
Smartboard Class Notes: Calculus - Differentiation Applications
Smartboard Class Notes: Calculus - Differentiation - Curve Properties
Smartboard Class Notes: Calculus - Differentiation - Basics
IB Questionbank: Calculus Practice

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