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Advanced Math

OK folks, we're closing in on the end of our work with differential calculus. We end with one more idea on Tuesday, then a test on Thursday. It will cover all the ideas that we've looked at so far this semester - limits, derivatives and how they relate to curves, related rates, and l'Hospital's rule (Tuesday). See you in class,
Mr. Alei

Advanced Math: Week of 2/17/20               (Previous Week - 2/10/20)

Mon 2/17: President's Day: No classes
Tue 2/18:
St 4.4: #1-4,7,15,33,45,49,59 (L'Hospital's Rule)
Thu 2/20:
Derivatives Test: H&H:Ch 19, 20D Stewart:4.2, 4.4

H&H Text
Stewart Text

SmartBoard Class Notes
QB: HL Calculus Differentiation

Coming up:

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