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Exploration Resources

IB's Guide to the Exploration - SL
IB's Guide to the Exploration - HL
Note: The SL and HL exploration rubrics are identical with one exception - Criterion E, Use of Mathematics. The HL rubric is stricter and includes 3 elements not included in SL:
A 4 or higher requires the expected level of Sophistication
A 5 or higher requires the expected level of Sophistication and Rigor
A 6 or higher requires the expected level of Sophistication, Rigor and Precision

Read the guide carefully, particularly the rubric!
Oxford chapter on Exploration
Guide to Mathematical Writing
SL: Comments from 2016 IB Subject Report
HL: Comments from 2016 IB Subject Report
200 Ideas for your Exploration Topic
SL Exploration Rubric Summary     HL Exploration Rubric Summary
Ideas and more at IB Math

Example papers (score shown in parens)
Ex 1: Codes (15)      Comments
Ex 2: Totient Theorem (16)      Comments
Ex 4: Minesweeper (5)      Comments
Ex 4: Music (9)      Comments
Ex 5: Newton Raphson (11)      Comments
Ex 6: Polar Diagrams (20)      Comments
Ex 7: Rainfall (16)      Comments
Ex 8: Spirals (16)      Comments
Ex 9: Tower of Hanoi (14)      Comments
Exploration Examples with annotations and comments
More generally, consider:
Sport, archaeology, computers, algorithms, cell phones, music, sine, musical harmony, motion, e, electricity, water, space, orbits, food, volcanoes, climate change, politics, diet, Euler, games, symmetry,architecture, codes, the internet, communication, tiling, population, agriculture, viruses, health, dance, play, pi (π), local food, geography, biology, business, economics,physics, chemistry, information technology in a global society, psychology, advertising