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SL2 - 3/30/.20

Welcome back all - I hope you had a great weekend.
OK then,
Here we go with a MWF white week. Remember that we will have synchronous sessions each day at 11:00 am. The Google Meet link is here.
We will finish up the content of the unit (and course) this week with three lessons. Then, next week, we'll review and have our Unit Exam.
See you online!
Mr. Alei

Standard Level Math Year 2: Week of 3/30/20        (Previous Week - 3/23/20)

Mon 3/30:
24C: #1-6 (Standard Normal Distribution (Z))(24.C Video lesson)
QB: #7,8a (IB Practice)
Wed 4/1:
24D.1: #1-9 odd (Quantiles & k-Values)(24.D.1 Video lesson)
Fri 4/3: Green Schedule: A,B,C,D meet
24D.2: #1-7 odd (Quantiles w/z-distribution)(24.D.2 Video lesson)
QB: #8b,11,14,16 (IB Practice)

IB Questionbanks, Class Notes, and other support
Smartboard Class Notes: Calculus - Continuous Random Variables
Smartboard Class Notes: Calculus - Discrete Random Variables
IB Questionbank: Random Variable Practice

Coming up:

The fine print: See sidebar at right for links to previous assignments. Click on linked assignments to download notes for that section.  Dates above are when homework is assigned.  It is always due on the following class meeting. For access to electronic copies of the IB text books, see or email Mr. Alei.
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