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Standard Level Year 2

Believe it or not, we finish derivative mechanics this week, with derivatives of logs, trig functions and multiple derivatives. With plenty of practice, of course. Next Tuesday (the 26th; we have no class on Monday) will be our Chapter 15 test on everything we know about derivatives so far! On another note, Friday I'll be gone (Model UN) and have a video lesson for you. Ms. Masoni will be watching over you - treat her well :) See you in class,
Mr. Alei

Standard Level Math Year 2: Week of 11/18/19        (Previous Week - 11/11/19)

Mon 11/18:
15F: #1acdefklmn,2ghi,3cfghi,4,5 (Logarithms)
Video: Khan: Derivatives of logarithms
Wed 11/20:
15G: #1-3last col,4 (Trig functions)
QB #1
Video: Khan: Derivatives of trig functions
Fri 10/22:
The lesson video: Today's lesson on video
15H: #1-13 odd (Higher derivatives)
QB #45a
Video: Larry Schmidt: Higher Derivatives

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Smartboard Class Notes: Calculus - Differentiation
IB Questionbank: Calculus Practice

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