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SL1 - 1/7/19

We'll have one more lesson on the binomial expansion, then the test on Tuesday. After that, we jump into statistics, an area of math where 75% of people polled are 100% certain that they are better than average. See you in class,
Mr. Alei

SL 1: Week of 1/7/19               (Previous Week - 12/31/18)

Mon 1/7:
7C: #1,2,4cd,5a,6,7,9,10 (Binomial problems)
QB: #4-9 (Binomial Practice)
Tue 1/8:
Binomial Quiz
20A: #Opening problem, #3,4 (Vocabulary, histograms, frequency tables)
20B.1: #3,5,8,9,11,12,14-16 (Mean, median, mode, skew, outlier, bimodal)
20B.2: #4,6,7,10 (Frequency lists)
20B.3: #2,3 (Data in classes)
Thu 1/10:
20C: #2-5 (Range, quartiles, IQR)
QB: #2,5,8 (IB Practice)
20D: #2-10 even (Box & Whisker)

IB Questionbanks & Class Notes
Binomial Expansion: Smartboard Class Notes
Statistics: Smartboard Class Notes
QB Binomial Practice
QB Statistics Practice

Coming up:

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