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SL1 - 11/26/18

Welcome back everyone. I hope you had a relaxing and meaningful break. Much to be thankful for along with life's challenges. We'll finish up transformations this week with a little general practice on Monday, then a test on Tuesday. That test will also include 3 problems from previous chapters. The point is not for you to study those, but to see what you have retained. After our test, we will move on to sequences and series, a dip into the world of patterns. See you in class,
Mr. Alei

SL 1: Week of 11/26/18               (Previous Week - 11/19/18)

Mon 11/26:
Transformation Investigation Due
5F: #1-8 (Misc Transforms)
QB: #1-7 (QB Transformations)
Tue 11/27:
Transformation Unit Quiz
6A: #1,2cfi,3,4def (Number patterns)
Thu 11/29:
6B: #1,2,3gh,4,5 (General Term & Notation)

Supporting websites and videos:
Video: Translations
Video: Stretches and Compressions
Khan Video: Stretches and Compressions with reflections

IB Questionbanks & Class Notes
Transformations: Smartboard Class Notes
QB Transformation Practice

Coming up:

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