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SL2 - 11/26/18

Another big week in calculus - adding logs, and trig functions to our bag of tricks while really solidifying the fundamentals. Lots of algebra. Spread the work out...little bits at a time. Start small, then get more complex. The HW here is the target of what you need to be able to do quickly and efficiently. Work up to it by doing the simpler problems. Practice, practice, practice. Repetition is your friend. Can I say it again? You need to repeat this kind of work over and over again to get it. Needless to say, the more you do the better you will be at it. I cannot stress it enough. A few problems right after class, another few at lunch, another one after school, then before dinner, two for dessert, and one as a bedtime snack. Repeat the next day...capiche? See you in class,
Mr. Alei
The astute observer will have noticed a Quiz on MB scheduled for this Friday, 11/30. In fact, that will be a take home quiz that I will give you on Monday, 12/3, due Friday 12/7...just a little refresher!

SL 2: Week of 11/26/18               (Previous Week - 11/19/18)

Mon 11/26:
15F: #1acdefklmn,2ghi,3cfghi,4,5 (Logarithms)
Khan: Proof of derivative of ln
Wed 11/28:
15G: #1-3last col,4 (Trig functions)
QB 1,#45a
Sine from first principles
Khan: Summary of trig, ex, and ln
Fri 11/30:
15H: #1-13 odd (Higher derivatives)
Second derivative example
Another Second derivative example

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Smartboard Class Notes: Calculus Differentiation
QB Calculus Practice

Helpful Videos
Khan: Intro to Differentiation

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