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Jr Sem - 10/8/18

This week we start by exploring our place in the structure. How are we disadvantaged? In what ways do we have an advantage? On Wed, we will finish our Mindfulness at Mountain Cloud, leaving a little late due to the PSAT perhaps. Then on Friday we will have our last Aikido class with Joel. See you in class,
Mr. Alei

Junior Seminar: Week of 10/8/18               (Previous Week - 10/1/18)

Mon 10/8:
Where do we fit in?
Wed 10/10:
Mindfulness - Mountain Cloud
We will leave right after you finish lunch
May return a bit late to Focus/PAWS
Fri 10/12:
Aikido with Joel

Supporting documents and links
The Tea Video
2 Minute drill
PP: Overview
PP: Yup
PP: Can't tell
PP: Nope
Issues around Technology
What the internet does to our brains (short)
What the internet does to our brains (long)

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