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Jr. Sem - 8/27/18

Hello everyone, and welcome to Junior Seminar. This is a pretty informal class (P/F, High School grading) where we'll do a bunch of things to hopefully enhance your lives, learn some useful things, and have some fun. I'll solicit ideas as we get started (or email me any time). One thing we'll do throughout the semester is some mindfulness practice, beginning with some training at the Mountain Zen Center. Some of the things we did last year include:
> Visit Ampersand Sustainable Living Center (how to live off the grid!)
> Get some CPR and First Aid training
> Learn some simple sewing and knot tying
> Learn how to check fluids, change a tire, and change oil in a car
> Learn how an internal combustion engine works
> Visit SFCC's Biofuels Research Program
> Learn about personal finance (loans, taxes, investments)
> Work with Habitat for Humanity
> Learn to cook some meals and understand some nutrition basics
> Get some sex education!
> Do a little electrical wiring and basic construction
> Learn some basic survival skills
...and whatever other ideas you have! I'm really looking forward to working with you all this year. See you in class,
Mr. Alei

Junior Seminar: Week of 8/27/18

Mon 8/27:
A little intro...
Tue 8/28:
Some trip prep or other welcoming
Thu 8/30:
Y'all will be going to the Great Sand Dunes. Enjoy!

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