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SL Video Support

Links to videos for SL topics, ordered by Chapter (Haese & Harris SL Math, 3rd Edition)
Chapter 1: Quadratics
Kahn Academy: Quadratics Index of Topics
Chapter 2: Functions
Kahn Academy: Function Lesson Dashboard


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IB Math Standard Level QB Practice Problems

Topic 1: Algebra & Topic 2: Functions & Equations
Quadratics Practice
Functions Practice
Exponents & Logs Practice
Transformation Practice
Series Practice
Binomial Practice
Topic 3: Circular Functions & Trig
Trig Practice
Trig Practice 2
Topic 4: Vectors
Vector Practice
Vector Practice 2
Topic 5: Statistics & Probability
Statistics Practice
2 Variable Stats Practice
Probability Practice 1
Random Variable Practice
Topic 6: Caculus
Calculus Practice