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SL1 - 10/23/17

On to logs this week. You saw base 10 a bit, we'll go over that and onto other bases, properties of logarithms and solving logarithmic equations. Lost of ideas, pretty fast. Stay on top of things - always asking why???. See you in class,
Mr. Alei

SL 1: Week of 10/23/17               (Previous Week - 10/16/17)

Mon 10/23:
4B: #1-3last col,4,5,6 last col (Base a logs)
4C.1: #1col3,2cfi,3def,4-7last row (Laws of logs)
Tue 10/24:
4C.2: #1-2lastcol,3,4lastcol (Log equations)
QB: #4,5,6a,7ab,13 (QB Log Properties) (due 10/31)
Thu 10/26:
4D.1: #1-4all,5-6lastrow (Natural logarithms)
4D.2: #1-4lastcol,5efgh (Laws of natural logs)
QB: #4,5,6a,7ab,13 (QB Log Properties) (due 10/31)

IB Questionbank, Class Notes, and other support
QB Exponents & Logs Practice
Smartboard Class Notes - Exponents
Smartboard Class Notes - Logarithms

GGB sketches to explore
Graphing logarithms(and their inverses)

Video support
Kahn Academy: Logarithm videos

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