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Standard Level Year 2

OK Ladies & Gentlemen - down to the final two units. We start, until Spring Break, with discrete random variables. We have a bit more time than usual, so hopefully the pace will feel comfortable. Then, after break, we finish with continuous random variables. See you in class,
Mr. Alei

SL 2: Week of 2/19/18              (Previous Week - 2/12/18)

Mon 2/19: President's Day - No School
Wed 2/21:
23A: #1-4 (Discrete vs. random, variable notation)
23B: #4-9,11 (Discrete distributions)
Fri 2/23:
23C: #2-14 even (Expectation)

IB Questionbank, Class Notes, and other support
Smartboard Class Notes - Random Variables

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